This week’s petal represents the seventh part of the Girl Scout Law:  I will do my best to respect authority.  Every day you take directions from adults.  Around age five girls begin developing a very basic understanding of right and wrong.  Girls your age understand and respect rules and probably still ask for permission to do things.  Completion of these activities promotes cooperation and team building and will help your daughter feel connected to her community.

These activities will help you understand why you should follow rules and respect authority.  This week is more focused on official authority figures (police, firefighters, etc.), but talk to your parents about the similarities between their authority and your authority (or the authority of your teachers).    In this weeks video we will go on a Virtual Field trip with the Exeter, NH Fire Department which makes this week’s video much longer than previous weeks. An additional activity idea:  go visit your local police or fire station! Or make some handmade thank you cards for some of your local community members to thank them for their service to the community!

When you have earned your Gerri petal you will understand how to respect authority and treat others fairly!

Here are some great games to play with friends to help you learn to respect authority!


You and your friends can take turns being in charge.

Pick one person to be the leader.  For one whole minute everyone does whatever the leader does.  The leader can hop, skip, jump up and down, wave their arms, whistle, anything they like.  When the minute is up, pick a new leader and follow what they do. Keep picking new leaders until everyone has had a turn.  What actions can you think of to do when it’s your turn?


Red lights and green lights tell cars when it is safe to drive and when they need to stop.  If drivers don’t follow these rules, they can get into an accident.  You and your friends can pretend to drive cars in this game.

Draw a big red circle on one side of a piece of paper or cardboard.  Draw a green circle on another.   When you show them the green light they can “drive.”  When you show them the red light they must stop.   If they don’t stop when you show the red light, they have to go back to the start line and begin again.  The first person to “drive” all the way to you gets to hold the red light green light for the next game.


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